dry erase jar label

when i sat down to write out the instructions for this quick tip, the words easy peasy puddin' & pie showed up on the screen. that's how i feel about this tutorial. i made some granola, this kind to be exact and then decided that it would be a nice gift, but only nice if dressed up a bit. lately i've turned into the type of person who looks up & down pasta jars to see if they are fit for purposes beyond the pasta sauce. for this little goodie, i simply:

1//cut out a circle from decorative paper. for a perfect circle i use my cricut cutter but the 'ol trace around a cup still works just fine.
2//put 2 overlapping strips of clear wide packing tape over the circle and then trimmed around the tape, leaving half an inch from the paper.
3//washed out a jar and placed granola within.
4//stuck the taped circle to the jar and wrote on it with a dry erase marker.

did i really need to put step by step instructions? probably not. i like this idea for baby food jars and spices or crafting supplies. you just never know when you're going to want to change the item within and need to change the label as well. give it a whirl.


whitneyingram :


Jaclyn :

Such a cool idea. I always reuse jars like this, but I never found a good way to label them. I'll definitely have to try your trick.

Stay in the Lines

Michelle :

Hi Jaclyn! I've currently pulled up your blog and am ready to browse! Glad to be introduced to you. Please do let us know if you try this idea. Super easy and yes so perfect for those saved bottles. I knew I was saving them for something...

Michelle :

Whitney, you know it's a good granola when your daughter opens the snack cupboard and asks for it over fruit snacks and other tempting tid bits.


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