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i was browsing my usual facebook feed yesterday to find an eye catching post from a friend from college. he has started a kickstarter project for products perfectly named BOWDEN + SHEFFIELD. levi and eric, the owners of fine grain have created beautiful + functional products because of a need they saw in their own college going--iPad using--bike riding lifestyle. this is exactly what gets steve and i stoked about the art of creation. we see a need or even better, a plain old invention that needs not only function but also beauty, and we go for it. i browsed their kickstarter page and was greatly impressed but the thing that blew me away was the video. watch the video! every inch of this project was thought about + detailed with good design in mind. we're supporters of the well done, are you? go check it out.


frely :

This is really fits for bussiness man~
That'll make officers look reliable~

David Thomson :

The ClamCase offers added efficiency and sleek protection without compromising the portability of your iPad. Fold out the keyboard for your typing-intense tasks, and simply flip it back to use your tablet.

iPad 3 Keyboard


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