making home

we've been off the radar for the last few days, no internet and swamped in boxes. yep we moved. while we've been busy unpacking and re-organizing, we've also been working on new projects in between. ya know, you can always put on a coat of paint and let it dry while then doing something else. so hopefully in these next few days i'll be ready to show you a thing or two. it just might even become an attempt to see how many ways i can use my half gallon of grey paint. the best part about moving? figuring out new ways to stage old items. we brought out these red shelves we purchased when we first got married and haven't had hanging since, a refreshing touch. the worst part about moving? trying to keep a curious toddler out of mischief while you run around wild putting your life back together. p.s can you tell, we have awesome natural light streaming through this place. we're gonna like it.


Anonymous :

Moving and setting things up is always fun and exciting :)

Michelle :

Hi Noelani! So glad to be introduced to your blog. Thanks for visiting us and yes although it's a lot of work, it is fun to re-set up and make a new out of old.


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