diy simple house

when i saw the lovely simple house by ferm living, i knew that a] i wanted one and that b] i could probably just make one on my own. so i did!

i intended to put one in the little gals room and one in another spot in our house but they looked so good on her wall, she got both.

1/16 x 3 x 36 in. balsa wood [can be found at your local craft store]
glue gun

to be honest, i didn't even worry about measurements, i simply eyed what size i wanted the walls and bottom of my house to be and then cut one piece for the roof and then halved it.

i started out with wood glue and quickly learned that that route was too difficult. that's when i turned to the always reliable glue gun. why did i ever stray?

after quick cuts and quick glueing, i let the house sit for about 30 minutes to stabilize the glue and then hung with push pins. light enough to hang but still stable enough to hold a little something.

as you may have noticed i also added a little chimney to one of the houses. and if you have extra balsa left over, you can free hand cut out a cloud for just the right touch on that empty clock.



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