engineering print

when i found out that staples offers large engineering prints for $1-$5, i knew that one of my design dilemmas had been solved. i've wanted to change up the space along our stair case and a large print was just the thing. i first thought of a cool family photo but then decided on one of our shop prints. since the engineering print would be black and white, i wanted to add another element to the print since the original prints glory is in its color. once i added a tilted graph paper like design to the page, i simply uploaded my jpeg to and picked up my print the next day. i expected at least a $5 charge but it only cost me $1.87!

i hung the print on the wall via a small clip hook & nail but it was still missing something. that's when i pulled out the washi tape. i'm finding more and more reasons to use it; how come it took me so long to become a fan? it helped flatten out the print and made it look a little more smooth hung. i'd say it was worth my $1.87 and 10 minutes of prep.



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