diy toddler necklace

it's been much too hot and windy here, a horrible combination, and so our days of playing at the park have come to an end. that means my toddler depends on me for entertainment. i always have a project in mind or in the works and so my entertainment ideas naturally form into a project as well. today we pulled out string and beads. i like the idea of my child mimicking projects that she sees me working on. it gives her a feeling of accomplishment and we're able to do something together on both an adult and child level. this craft was easier than easy but of course that's perfection to a toddler and it's the simple things that always bring the most happiness.

1 string, use a candle or match to burn the edges for easier stringing or wrap tape around the edges.
several beads with large holes for easier stringing.

because this is a toddler craft, you don't want to worry about connector pieces on the end of the string, just tie it up and make it long enough that the child can pull the necklace over his/her head. big beads are also key. you want the child to be able to string the beads his/herself. natural wood beads are easy to find at your local craft store and perfect for this type of thing.



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