20 Summer Breakfast Ideas

i have always been a huge fan of breakfast foods but when summer time comes around, i seem to include breakfast foods a lot more into our dinner rotation. it might be the fact that i need something easy and would rather be by the poolside instead of in the kitchen, but brinner, brupper, whatever you want to call it, always satisfies.

one recipe that my sister-in-law introduced to us is blender pancakes. it's quick + healthy. do you love the idea of hand written recipes? i keep a binder for the hand written recipes given to me or that i jot down. i love that she wrote out this recipe for me.

yes most breakfast foods require that you stand over the hot stove, but you can cool the dish right down with fresh summer fruits, sauces, peanut butter, or agave. we usually always pair our dish with a smoothie or julius as well.

other tried & true breakfast [dinner] ideas:
strawberry lassi
blueberry coconut pecan breakfast cookies
can you tell i love coconut flavored foods? this list outta get you started no?


kira lee :

mitch! here i was missing your blog and then happened upon this... glad to see you still blogging!


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