capturing vs. enjoying the moment

several years ago i had a conversation with a good friend about capturing vs. enjoying the moment. i've always been a big lover of photography and have on several occasions been guilty of capturing instead of enjoying the moment. the last couple of years, especially now having a child, i've tried to balance my capturing and spend more time enjoying. however, just when i thought i had this in check, instagram came out. instagram appeals to me because of the real time, moment to moment sharing. i like that it encourages creativity and artistry along with the showing of daily life.

just yesterday while running for my phone to capture a moment, i thought about how often i find myself in a similar situation. while camping a couple of weekends ago, i left my phone in the car and although my mind was aching to snap the little gal next to the river or making smores, i stood in the moment and let my memory be my camera.

do you battle with this dilemma? how much capturing is too much? how do we balance the desire to share every little detail of our lives? we live in a world that promotes constant sharing, how do we keep it in good measure?


Monika Berry :

I often ponder this too. I am a photo taker, I rarely let it just be 'me and the moment' I need to get better at it.

I am on instagram and from this have taken my camera out less, but snapped more.

It will be a growing dilema with some many millions of photos floating the globe how rare will it be to come across really breathtaking photos opposed to just peoples everyday shots?

Michelle :

Hi Monika! You have made a good point that I didn't consider, that because so many people are snapping moments and actually making them look quite good [filters etc.], good photos by photographers will become less recognized. I appreciate your work and hope that people continue to appreciate the real art.

kira lee :

capturing a moment helps us to enjoy it longer. down the road i think you will be thankful for all the photos you have and all the memories connected to them.


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