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a long time ago i was on the search for a locket. not sure why all of a sudden i wanted a locket but it just seemed lovely. i came across the likes of these and immediately fell head over heels. simple yet bold, exactly what i was looking for. however, they weren't quite in my price range. i forgot about them for some time until recently i noticed a similar locket circulating pinterest. i then got an idea; visit my old friend etsy supplies. are you already friends with etsy supplies? i don't know if this is considered spilling the beans or not but, there is a secret [really not so secret] way to search etsy and get cheap supplies. do they come from china? why yes they most often do!

when you go onto etsy's home page, you can search for any item via the search box at the top. once you enter your search, you will see options in the left hand column which allow you to minimize your search. this is the kicker, click the supplies box. your search now only offers supplies instead of finished products. what does this mean? you are now searching through single products from large sellers who offer killer prices. why? because they aren't sending you a finished product, the increase on price is minimal.

i was so stoked when i found the most perfect knock off....and for an unreal price. the shop i ordered from also offered little bronze letters and so i decided to add the letters of my family. now, i make necklaces all the time and so adding a little chain and the necessary connectors to the locket was no problem. you may want a finished product because you don't already have these supplies on hand, but believe me, if you go pick up some chain from your local craft store or order online, it will still be less expensive than the original and you'll have a good little afternoon project.

did you happen to notice all the colors i received? it was cheaper to buy the stock of 5 offered than just ordering one and so i do have a few left on hand. if you're interested, email me and i'll send you pricing. i'd be happy to add chain to one for you. but p.s. you should know that the shop is currently having an anniversary sale! i knew i should have waited.


Stephanie :

Love! Does the locket feel quality? What is it made of?

Great idea!!!

Twig :

Hi Stephanie!

The locket does feel quality. It's made of brass. I do have a few left over if you would like one.


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