In the Workshop // Buttonholes

Am I the only one who sometimes lingers on learning things the right way? This is the story of our camera straps. They have gone through several phases. It's humorous to think back to their beginnings when the original design seemed so genius. I guess without that initial attempt however, they wouldn't have evolved into what they are now.

When the idea of a button hole opposed to a tied string came about, I had no idea how to create such. My mother is a fabulous seamstress with a fancy machine and was a willing teacher. But when it came to doing the same on my machine, I had no idea what to do. So what did I do? Every time I needed some straps, I made the trip to her place to get 'em done. You would think I would just learn on my machine right? I tried a couple of times but let me tell you, I do not give much patience or effort to non-visual learning. Reading a manual and trial and error is not my thing. So I just kept driving and I just kept borrowing.

One day after traveling to my moms, I ended up having to use my sister-in-laws machine. What my luck, she has the same machine as I do. Ten minutes later, I had learned how to make button holes on my machines twin!

I came home that night wondering why I had let so much time pass before learning the skill the right way. I had and still have no answer for this. Laziness? Fear? Who knows? However, I did learn that much more fulfillment and much more efficiency come when we learn what we need to and are able to do it on our own. You would think that's a no brainer, but sometimes leaning on someone else is oh so comfy.



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