introducing // pinned and pleased

like so many others, i became a quick fan of pinterest. however, i may be a little ocd when it comes to my boards. i go back and look through them, plan which recipes, activities, etc. to try and delete pins that i don't end up finding useful or applicable to me. my love of organization even found a place in pinterest!

in my frequent testing of others ideas, i often want to share the result or good tip. i haven't quite known the best way to do this, until now. introducing P & P, PINNED and PLEASED. each week or so, i'll share the website of something i've pinned as well as my experience testing out that pin. and well if you have a pin i must try, send it on over!

this week i tested out, spinach cubes.

similar to the original pinner, i like to make spinach smoothies but without fail my spinach rots before i can use it all. this was the perfect solution and one of those "i wish i would have thought of that" ideas.



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