In the Workshop // Overflowing

So we did a little 2 week sale on right. Well since then, our life has been overflowing with cameras, cameras, cameras, cameras, get the point. So in the studio today, I'm sharing photos of our recent surroundings + a little of our weekend adventures.

Those anagrams are so pretty all stacked up aren't they? I've never seen or tracked around more saw dust than I did this past week, it's everywhere! Our new branding iron continues to be our favorite tool. And I'm still in awe at how many cameras were all lined up ready to be shipped off.

In other adventures, we spent a little time in the city this weekend, it was a gorgeous one and I found myself noticing buildings and murals that I surely haven't seen before. Blue skies and fall leaves, we're so glad that this autumn weather has stuck around long enough to actually enjoy [minus the one day of snow last week].



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