P&P // Last Minute Halloween Idea

I'm switching it up this week for a Halloween edition of P&P!

Every year my mom hosts a Halloween party in which we have to take a Halloween themed appetizer or dessert. My staple has been 7-layer dip with the sour cream layer drawn into a spiders web and then tortillas cut into shapes such as a black cat, the moon, a witches hat, etc. Someone else is taking over that appetizer this year and so I went to THE source, pinterest. I searched and searched and although I found numerous good ideas, I couldn't imagine my family eating many of them. Green died chocolate pretzels with almond slices for fingers look rad, but they aren't really a great appetizer ya know. I then came across this idea which she also originally found on pinterest. I decided, if you have cute cups you can basically put anything you want in them. So, we're putting good 'ol tater tots in them! Perfect for the kiddos and adults.

We used white cups we already had and did a little drawing for added fun. It was a nice simple activity to do with my daughter and definitely suitable for last minute.

Happy Halloween everyone!



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