A Saturday's Drive

My mother-in-law doesn't like to forego the opportunity to ride alongside my father-in-law to the tree dump. It's that Saturday morning country ride in the truck to haul off that pile of work that's still dripping down your forehead. It's the country tunes your whistling to while the breeze of the open windows blows your hair.

Steve and I took that ride for them once and it felt like some sort of priviledge. Our Saturday morning ride isn't to the tree dump but it felt a little like it when Steve asked if the little gal and I wanted to accompany him to the wood shop. We stopped for a pancake breakfast on the way and then watched as Steve pulled the wood cart through the rainy morning puddles. I felt the same kind of easy fulfillment as I did when we took that country ride; a nice little drive on a quiet morning with my family by my side and a task to accomplish.



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