DIY // Simple Sailboat

Our daughter has been into sailboats lately. I managed to find a good plastic one that is perfect for the bathtub and long term use, but their is something about constructing your own and making a project out of simple items. So, we pulled out our craft bin and made this 5 minute simple sailboat for the exchange of 30 minutes of fun.

Supplies //
Balsa wood

I originally planned to cut and adhere a skewer but simply cutting a thin piece of the balsa served the purpose I was going for. For good looks, we added some decorative washi tape. The wonderful thing about this thin balsa wood is that it can easily be cut with scissors. We then used masking tape to keep the pieces together.

As you can tell from the materials used, this is not meant to be a long lasting sailboat. The water will soon wear the tape and the balsa will begin to bubble. However, by the time this happens, a 3 year olds attention span has probably moved onto bigger and better things! It was the perfect little activity for a hot afternoon and brought enough newness and excitement that the duration of the sailboats life didn't matter. It would be fun to let your child draw with marker on the balsa wood as well. With these kinds of activities, the sky is the limit.



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