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Several months ago, our little girl was given a t-shirt that came from the company Lately Lily. It became a quick favorite. I noticed that our little girl frequently chose the darling yellow shirt from her drawer and I appreciated its perfect fit. For our cute girl who still sports her baby chub, finding the right fit in clothing can prove difficult. So when I saw that this t-shirt was longer than most shirts and yet not boxy with an artsy and darling style, I jumped at looking into the company behind the design.

Lately Lily, the heart and mind of Erin, an apparel designer and Micah, an author/illustrator not only has a vibrant and interactive website but also an intriguing story. The concept is unique and fun and the design spot on. I love several words shared on their about page:

"As parents and designers, we're struck by the thoughtful observations and deep curiosity of our children daily. Lately, Lily is a chance to daydream about far off places through the eyes of an adventurous child."

You can even follow "the trail of a traveling girl," by skimming through her journal of sketches and notes.

The more I looked into the magic behind this business, the more I wanted to share it with you. Lately Lily kindly sent us several of their t-shirts and we're ecstatic [as was she, "can I wear the purple one, can I can I!] for our little girl to travel along in her parisian tees.

And well, she's already been quite busy. Photo shoots photo shoots photo shoots. We can't help it if someone spots her in this cuteness and just has to snap a few photos to share.

Find these tees here and connect with Lately Lily here.

Thanks Lately Lily!


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