A Bed for her Birthday

Our little girl turned four years old this last week and knowing her birthday was upcoming, we realized it was time for her to graduate from her toddler bed to a twin bed. Steve assured me he would make a bed for her but knowing how busy he was already, I said I could find one. I spent day after day searching online but I couldn't ever quite find the style we were going for not to mention the most important aspect, something that would grow with her. So, I gave up for a while…and good thing I did because her birthday week arrived and somehow Steve miraculously had a bed to show for it.

This my friends is what our sweet little four year old received. I mean…it's better than our bed!

The cherry wood, rounded legs, simplicity, and leather book slots absolutely blew me away. It is beautiful and unique and perfect for not only a four year old, but a fourteen year old, or even a twenty four year old. I love that our daughter not only has the functional item she needed but that she is exposed to good design and something with a story behind it; something her daddy made.


Kristen Scioli :

How charming and gorgeous! What a lovely gift / heirloom from her father!

ME and DE :

He knows he will have to make another one in about 3 years, right? Steve is a master with the wood.

{jane} :

Will Steve make me one of these for Sela??? i'm TOTALLY not joking. lmk!!!


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