Year Two & Even Better // Alt Summit

The last few months of 2013 and going on into this year have been a time of meeting for me. I've met so many of the people who I've admired & followed for years and years, never actually thinking I would have the opportunity to talk in person. It's an awesome feeling. Attending Alt Summit last month, for my second year continued that trail of meeting.

A favorite photo of hallway chat with some of my favorite ladies
Alt last year was a whirlwind and was more about soaking everything up whereas this year, it was all about connecting and networking. This year's experience was definitely more enjoyable than last. I was more calm and confident, our business has expanded and I feel more experienced, and I had a good circle of friends to enjoy it with. I was happy to lead a round table with the topic "how to utilize the blogging community to grow your shop." There was a great little small business community in attendance and I loved sharing our business experiences as well as learning from so many of them. I left my round table each day feeling inspired and enthused about this crazy small business life we lead!

There is an exciting vibe at Alt, you leave a panel, you walk out into the hallway and you are hit with a rush of happy stylish people, talking, enveloped in social media while walking, and visiting sponsors and booths along the way. I found myself walking in and out of various panels, catching bits & pieces but more so wanting to chat and connect with people. That's most possibly the best part about Alt, you not only get to rub shoulders with so many talented and knowledgable people, but you realize that you are in a room full of your kind. Everyone is hooked to their phones, multi-tasking while listening and taking notes, answering emails, tweeting, instagramming, etc. No one is offended, everyone understands how we do, and why we do. You realize that we're all running off of ideas and creativity and making a unique life from it. You realize that some have celebrity crushes and you have blogger crushes. But that also, those blog crushes are actually just like you.

I feel so spoiled attending Alt, the mingling with creatives, the amazing food, the constant swag and gifts, the photo booths, the parties, and the overall happiness. It always takes a couple of days to get over the high of Alt and realize that real life can be just as exciting *wink.

Pictures say it best, but a few highlights included cooking with Kelsey, meeting Danyelle & Randi, meeting the ladies of Umba, whom we've recently worked with and who so kindly featured our product in their most recent publication, attending mini-parties put together by friends, snapping a pic with Ben Silbermann of Pinterest, and bringing the little one for an afternoon and passing her around so that everyone could get their baby fix.

Hundreds of pictures with more detail of this year's Alt can be seen on the Alt Summit Flickr account. Besides the few phone photos I share here, photo credit goes to Justin Hackworth, and Brooke Dennis.

Hope to see you next year Alt!



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