Goodness & Truth

it occurred to me recently that as much as i'd love to post about a life in a freshly designed studio with fresh art supplies and fresh ideas streaming from my mind to my hands, that really, my life takes place most often on the play ground. it still however streams its own kind of energy and creativity, it just isn't always in line with what we originally imagined for this space. we strive for good design and a modern take on life but when it comes down to it, unless i share the real ins and outs of a normal day, this little space of ours might be empty. it's not always full of designing and crafting and building and making in the way that may describe a designers life, but it is full of those things as far as designing our own life goes. so, i may share a little more than i have in the past as i learn that the design of our everyday is where the actual beauty takes place and i hope you'll join in this new endeavor.

i hung this quote next to my bathroom mirror and greatly believe in it and the value of reading and re-reading something positive each day. it's fulfilling to me to understand the cycle that this quote describes. when you focus on your own positive mental health and spiritual needs, you seem to also want to increase your physical health and beauty as well. it's this wonderful round that feeds your whole.

do you believe that if you focus on goodness and truth, everything else will fall into place?



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