diy 4th of july jar table display

last minute, i decided we needed a little 4th of july in our house. i am always saving jars for some future use and they finally came in handy. the great part about this diy is that the jars can be used for so many other things; i plan to plant succulents in them after the holiday.

gold spray paint
painters tape
a round foam brush for the polka dots [i simply sprayed a bit of spray paint on my painting wheel and pushed my brush into it and quickly dotted my jar]

i was able to complete this diy in less than 15 minutes. the gold spray paint is fast drying and once painted, i only needed to pull out a few red + white + blue items to accompany them. if using these for a table display, you could even fill them with small treats like nuts or candy.


Talia Jensen :

i love these! so cute and simple


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