scenes from the week

a mish-mosh of experiences this week; one thing i love about summer, days more so differ and are filled with spontaneity.

1// gilded weed. sometimes when i'm spray painting something outside, i spot a weed and notice its beauty if gilded. try it, it's true.
2// birthday spoils. completely crazy excited for new york. suggestions? and the cookie butter has officially become dangerous.
3// saturday afternoon date.
4// i'm a pioneer baby. did you know utah basically has two fourth of julys? corn shucks and dutch oven it was.
5// spent time with my mom downtown at home. love the old buildings, the color, the new + old places.

[this is part of a series, "a piece of us from each week and possibly things seen 100 times before noticed in a new way."]


Star haus :

Imust know more about that lovely dress!

Michelle :

hi! i really need to catch myself up on your blog. just followed you on instagram though; that should help a bit ;o)

it's actually a top from target, the merona brand!


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